All orders sent to the company imply the acceptance of the following conditions, subject to special conditions agreed between the parties.



Prices do not include VAT.



Products may be subject to technical or aesthetic changes.
We guarantee the delivery of a product with technical characteristics equal or superior to those reported in the documentation and images. The images of the products are indicative.



For shipments made by courier in assigned port Guglielmo S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for damage caused by transport. For shipments made in free port, the customer is required to check the condition of the package on arrival and reserve the right to the courier in case of visible damage to packages. Guglielmo S.r.l. does not assume responsibility for the packages delivered with obvious damages for which no reservation has been made to the courier. The customer is required to verify the conformity of the goods delivered within 1 week of receipt. Once this term has expired, the material sent is considered to be in conformity both in terms of quantity and characteristics.



Any returns of products must first be agreed and authorized by RMA from the site respecting the conditions set out on it. Returns for incorrect purchase will not be credited in case of open packages, damaged, with labels, manuals or missing content, or may be credited at the discretion of Guglielmo S.r.l. with a depreciation. The material under repair may be replaced or credited at our discretion.

In case of product defects, the “Satisfied or Refunded” warranty will be applied only after checking by our quality office. The right to any form of warranty is lost if the defect and / or defect reported are due to fault, negligence or willful misconduct, or improper storage operations and in any case not attributable to Guglielmo Srl and in particular to improper use of the instructions accompanying the goods or tampering, modifications and / or changes not authorized by Guglielmo Srl and / or the use of parts, accessories and spare parts not original or otherwise not provided by Guglielmo Ltd.


All products are guaranteed for 12 months against all manufacturing defects. The warranty is void in the event of damage caused by improper use, falling, tampering or attempted repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel.